The HINO Diagnostic eXplorer (hereinafter referred to as HINO DX) is a tool equipped with all the necessary functions to diagnose problems, check functions, and configure the settings of the electronic systems integrated in the engines of HINO.

Hino Reprog Manager: This software application can change the ECU program.

Hino Diagnostic eXplorer 3 + Reprog Manager SS-01-01


• Acquire and eliminate data problems;
• Diagnostic link read trouble codes from the ECU corresponding diagnostic sequences and directly view the required workflow data;
• Obtain sensor conditions from the vehicle when problems occur;
• Monitor the sensors and actuators fitted on the engine and test the operation of solenoid valves for operating strength of them;
• Simulate diagnostic work with just a PC;
• Automatically save recovered ECU data and analyze problems based on the saved data even when the cause of problems cannot be grasped;
• Reprogram the program which is compatible with the ECU reprogramming software.

Main functions
-Hino Diagnostic eXplorer-

This software can be get diagnostic information from the ECU of the vehicle.
* ‘All Equipment’ is not available in Hino-Bowie.
* ‘All Equipment’ is only available DST-i.

The Fault – Information Information can be get the fault information (DTC) from the ECU of the vehicle.

Data Monitor – Can be get ECU data information from the vehicle ECU.

Activation test – Forced drive for each part. (Actuator, Relay, Lamp, etc …)

Customization – Customize the vehicle parameter setting. Save and write for each system.

Parameter manufacturer – Customize the manufacturer part of parameter setting.

Data protection system – Parameters of the ECU (The Survey Data Quantity) are able to confirm and clear for each system.

Learned Value – ECU parameters (Learned value) are able to confirm and clear for each system.

Save / Load ECU Feature – Parameters of ECU (User customize, Manufacturers of parameters) are able to save and write for each system.

Supported OS
Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; Windows 8



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